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New Year, New Me, Too Stressful!

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Have your New Years Resolutions fallen flat by mid January? I have decided it’s time to give myself a break!

Over the last week or two I have come to realise how many people are already struggling with their new year’s resolutions. Keen mums in gym kits at pick up looking miserable and over stretched both literally and figuratively! Children still doing their homework in the car outside school on a Monday morning! Partners who’ve already forgotten that they’d promise to load the dishwasher and do the ironing in the morning…..

All this pressure can get a bit much, or is it just me?

Three weeks on and I'm already right back where I started asking myself why? So I googled it and apparently only 8% of us actually achieve our resolutions each year, and maybe, just maybe, I've been looking at it all wrong? If my resolutions are failing because I am focusing on the goals or tasks I didn’t manage to achieve last year, then it could be a sign that once again I am taking on too much. Do you honestly have time to run a mile before you make the breakfast? I don’t, so why tell myself I have and I will? Resolving to eat dinner together as a family 5 nights a week is impossible due to everyone's work and activity commitments so why set myself that as a goal? I don’t think it’s healthy to start the year thinking about all the things we feel we didn’t get right last year – so I resolve to stop!

I have decided it’s better to set smaller more achievable intentions as I move through the year. This month we are going to try and take the kids out on their bikes as much as we can, and whilst it’s not always possible to eat together we’ll make sure we set aside time to do it at the weekends and in the week if it’s just me and the kids because my other half will be late home then that’s just fine. I am going to leave my phone, ipad and lap top in another room for an hour each day and sit and play with my child and listen to my older child (if I can tear her away from her social media – no actually - that can be her commitment to me!). I think these small, habit forming changes will have much more impact on our lives as a family - and be a lot less stressful to adhere to than my original list.

Let’s stop beating ourselves up,

take a step back, breathe and keep it simple, just focus on what’s important to us and to our families……

We love our kids, we try to be kind to our partners, we do our best at work. Does it matter if everyone had chicken nuggets for tea last night? I don’t think so!

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