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​“Oof I hate times tables!”

Posted by Niki Addison - Mum first, Managing Director second. on

Who remembers sitting down and either being on the receiving end of their mum or dad saying “one times one is one”, “two times two is four” “three times three is….” and on and on it went, I bet even the voice in your head as you are reading this has shifted to a monotonous tone. 

We go from our parents repeating it to us, to us then doing exactly the same with our kids, I’m guilty as charged! We just do. Sometimes it’s easier to just do what we know – it must be the right way – everyone does it that way, it must be right then?

What if we stop and think “hang on, let’s mix this up a bit, let’s make it more interesting” more often than not if you stop for a minute you can really make the monotonous learning rituals a teensy bit, if not a lot more, interesting and even dare I say it - fun!

I find a good way is to let my daughter test me, I say good - good for her - slightly less great for me! 

It’s getting more difficult as I have to admit that sometimes I get it wrong but to be fair that only adds to the fun. Of course she thinks I get it wrong on purpose so that she can correct me – but in truth times table was never my strong point! I can do lots of things in life, big grown up things, but throw a tricky one at me – seven eights – and I’m stumped for a fair few seconds! She finds it hilarious so that’s all that matters, I, on the other hand, have to thank Steve Jobs that i-phones have calculators!

Poppy And the Pirate do love testing each other on everything from Times Table to Number Bonds using their placemats to prompt them.

Good Luck!

Niki x

P.S Top tip - if you are like me, check out the Love Inc Educational Placemats – a huge help with my seven times table never mind theirs!